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Brand development

Professional support

Prada Alviar is a company specialized in all kinds of solutions related to roofs and facades, including but not limited to acoustic and thermal insulation. Their primary focus is to provide advisory services that help clients identify the most suitable solution to meet their specific needs.

A system that creates order

Enhancing the cohesiveness of the company’s communication was a must, which was achieved by developing a brand identity that aligns with their essence, a better customer experience, and identifying the economic sector where they operate.

A robust brand identity was successfully established, reflecting the concept of “ceiling specialization” evoking confidence and versatility across multiple content formats. Abstract graphic elements related to ceilings were used to create a coherent, aesthetic and functional communication system, providing a range of effective resources.

What were the benefits?

“The biggest benefit for us, Villareal Romero, was being able to build a communication tool that allowed us to identify ourselves as a brand, as a company, as professionals and experts in roofing.”

“In a sector where very few companies make the decision to project themselves as a more professional brand, there are countless things to do. In this case we achieved the objective of unifying communication and most important of all, we help our clients understand the value Of the Brand.”

Juan Francisco Acevedo
Director Creativo
Y2D Agencia

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