Acceso GV

Brand development

A brand born from knowledge

During the course of this project, a new industrial brand by the name of Acceso GV was in the midst of establishing its presence in the sector. The brand specializes in delivering personalized access solutions for elevated spaces by employing tailored engineering techniques for every project. Acceso GV, which was previously part of the García Vega company, positioned itself as an independent Brand but still preserved the trust and support of its clientele due to their experience in the field.

A brand that complements and differentiates

The logo was constructed with the fundamental elements of the brand in mind, “high access systems”, which was incorporated into the first and last letters of the logo with two arrows. Accordingly, the arrow elements encompass one that is pointing upwards and another pointing downwards, which is meant to symbolize the safe ascension and descent required for working at elevated heights.

Also, a series of graphic abstractions depicting various structures and the systems provided to work at heights by Acceso GV, were incorporated into the logo design.

This was done with the aim of creating a distinctive texture that complimented the Brand.

A system for every case

In order to ensure the proper use of the brand for any application, a series of layouts were constructed for each possible situation. These layouts were developed to incorporate the brand concept and the graphic abstractions of several structures and works at heights, thus building a cohesive and attractive visual communication system.

An application for every need

In short, standardizing the brand through a visual communication system not only provided a multitude of benefits for every need and situation, but also created a consistent and professional image. This greatly reduced the time and resources needed to convey a sense of trust and reliability for both internal and external audiences.

“Disconnecting the brand from the one where this one originated was a challenge for us. Still, we have created an independent brand that conveys knowledge and experience and nurtured those values in us”.

Diego Sarmiento
Diseñador Senior
Y2D Agencia

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