Colegio Hispanoamericano

Visual Identity Development

A bubbling culture under the surface

Colegio Hispanoamericano is an educational country institution with an alternative pedagogical model, where exploration, experimentation and mentoring are fundamental pieces of their methodology. Moreover, its remarkable cultural richness is attributed to its geographical location, which encompasses a diverse range of cultural expressions, from music and art to the presence of indigenous heritage and traditions.

In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity

Following a number of administrative changes the school was having a significant dropout rate, which meant it was necessary to find something that would boost enrollment. Upon analyzing the situation, it was clear that the lack of clarity surrounding the institution’s identity and brand communication were the root of the problem.
The cultural influence present in the institution was taken into consideration, and thus, a series of graphical elements were developed, drawing inspiration from two indigenous cultures from the region, the Aruaca and the Wayuu.These patterns and colors enabled the construction of a versatile and visually rich graphic system, effectively reflecting the institution’s identity and serving as a robust communication tool.

Results that please

The implementation of the graphic communication system provided a strong foundation for the development of an admissions campaign, which effectively projected the identity of the institution to prospective students. As a result of this successful campaign, enrollment of new students increased significantly.

“It was an enriching exercise to be immersed in the culture of the region and of the school itself. It is interesting to see how design is not only its aesthetics, but also has the ability to represent history and convey emotions”.

Diego Sarmiento
Diseñador Senior
Y2D Agencia

Branding Colegio Hispanoamericano - agencia de publicidad y2d Bucaramanga

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