Brand development

A brand in constant motion

Trienergy is a company that encompasses three distinct but equally important business areas: Firstly, Energy, which provides backup power generation solutions using gas- and diesel-based generators; secondly, Transportation, comprising the entire area of maintenance services, technical support and supply of spare parts for truck tractors; and lastly, the Oil and Industry area, which specializes in providing customized solutions for the oil sector.
However, while these facts cover the functional and operational strengths of Trienergy, the company also places great importance on valuing its employees, the most important asset at the forefront of the company. For this reason, the company fosters a culture of care and consideration for its workforce which is evidenced in the implementation of various policies and practices designed to promote employee well-being. In short, Trienergy is committed to building a brand that prioritizes people above all else.

A system that creates order

Trienergy lacked uniformity in their communication despite having an appealing aesthetic, as it failed to connect with their identity. Upon closer examination, finding any cohesive link between each visual component proved difficult with the only exception being their logo.
In response to this challenge, we developed a communication tool that effectively resolved the issue of brand inconsistency and unified all brand materials. As a result, Trienergy’s brand identity now exhibits a cohesive and consistent appearance across multiple channels.

A tool for communication

Consistency is the word that summarizes all the multiple benefits and achievements that resulted after the visual communication system developed for Trienergy was implemented. It facilitated the brand’s ability to identify with each and every content, regardless of the source, and of course, established effective communication codes that resonated with the target audience which helped position Trienergy in the minds of its users.

“This project in particular has been of tremendous professional growth for me, thanks to it we were able to strengthen our brand development process and optimize our methodologies.”

Juan Francisco Acevedo
Director Creativo
Y2D Agencia

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